Non Antipodes CD Ripper

I have a new k50 and figure I will rip my CD collection into the K50, my question is as follows.

  1. Will any USB drive work with the Servers or does it have to be the Antipodes Ripper?

  2. is there any difference in the quality of the drive and ultimately quality of the file itself with what Antipodes offers compared to any other drive. Say the Apple Super drive for example.

  3. how is the speed of the Antipode ripper

thank you for any help, appreciate it.

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To answer your questions, any USB external drive will work on an Antipodes server.
The Antipodes drive is an industrial drive, designed for lots of use, also it is M-Disc quality designed to read pits 1/10th the size of a CD pit, so it is very accurate, this indeed can make for a more accurate rip, combined with the software.
The speed is dictated by the software and the quality of the disc being read.
If you have a very nice disc, the ripping process can take 10-20 mins as it is re-read in Paraniod mode, if the disc has errors it will reduce speed and re-read until an accurate rip is obtained, this is for the Antipodes ripper or any other manufacturers ripper.


Thank you this helps! Sorry if you’ve covered this before.

I use a K10 with my K40 and it works very well in conjunction with the CD import on the dashboard. Ripping speed does vary depending on the CD but the album cover artwork retrieval is a bit hit and miss. I have just ripped a Lloyd Cole album and it came back with the artwork for Tchaikovsky Eugene Onegin.


I have dx3 and love the ripper, my vote rip with antipodes

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If you really want to have a comfortable (metadata, cover) and accurate Rip, you should use dbpoweramp cd Ripper on a pc or apple.
It saves a lot of time if you have a big collection to rip. You will find out bad cds and you can find and edit cover and tags BEFORE you start ripping.
I ripped about 2500 cds and it took nearly two years and at last I found out the best way to do it only once…

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“I ripped about 2500 cds and it took nearly two years”.

Been there, done that & I practically lost the will to live doing so. Similar number of CD’s & associated time spent doing it too. I again use dbpoweramp along with it’s sister program PerfectTUNES which is particularly good for adding any missing artwork & extremely fast too. I purchased one particular album from HD tracks which didn’t display any artwork. It was expensive too & the fact the artwork was missing annoyed the hell out of me. PerfectTUNES was able correct that omission in a matter of seconds.

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lol, I can see 2500 CDs being exhausting! I literally have less than a quarter of that, shouldn’t be as bad. Quite honestly I probably won’t listen to them alot since I primarily Qobuz, unless there is a sonic difference. I figured I have the ability to access my CD collection I might as well do it since that is part of the purpose of a “server” should be fun at first since I have forgot alot of what I even own for CDs.

Good luck & ten out of ten for your enthusiasm, but I will warn you that ripping multiple CD’s in one session isn’t much fun. Unfortunately you can’t really go off & do something else at the same time, just to occupy your mind. You’re basically sat babysitting a disc drive. It’s definitely worth doing, but I felt an absolutely enormous sense of relief when I finally finished. :joy:

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But did you wash them via ultrasonic washer and demagnetise them before you start ripping like I did for my 2500 ? Else cannot be the best rips :rofl:

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Washing the CD’s is the worst part of the process, ripping was a breeze compared to the cleaning :upside_down_face:

I just bought this cheap ultrasonic washer and made mixture of isopropyl and deionised water with a drop of dishwasher. Let it cool down a bit else just get a spare which I had resort to.

SG$ 34.44 10%OFF | 35W 750mL Household ultrasonic cleaner Ultrasonic wave cleaner Cleaning machine Microcomputer control 110V 220V EU US Plug

More importantly, I run them thru my hifi-tuning demagnetiser to capture their most pristine condition.



What is the software used in Antipodes for ripping CDs? Per the discussion above, there seems to be quite positive feedback for dBpoweramp for ripping and Accurate Rip from dBpoweramp to vet previous music rips in Antipodes storage for accuracy. I

Is there value in considering making dBpoweramp add-on software an option like HqPlayer so that its software could be utilized when attaching hardware ripper to
Antipodes rather than needing to use separate computer with ripper attached to use this software?

The CD Ripper on Antipodes Servers is based on Linux ABCDE.
dBpoweramp is only available on Windows or iOS.
We are always looking at innovative ways to include more Apps, in this instance, it is a no-go.