Normal core temperature range for oladra?

Anybody know if 40c is normal temp or is my oladra running hot?

I only have a K50, but what your Oladra is running at isn’t exactly hot or at temperatures at all surprising for me. It’s within a couple or so degrees of what each part of my K50 is currently running at (I also had my K50 turned off for a couple of hours earlier as I was carrying out some six monthly contact cleaning using Kontak).

My server side, despite only being on for less than two hours is running at 37°c - 38°c & my player side at around 35°c -36°c, but I’d stress they were off completely for quite a while & even when they’re on, they’re not exactly being asked to do much (I use Roon into Squeeze & have absolutely all of Roon’s totally superfluous background garbage turned off on the server side).

Bear in mind also that the K50 has ventilation slots absolutely everywhere, whereas the Oladra does not. It’s also in a much larger case than the Oladra. On top of that, my particular K50 is also currently doing bugger all as I’m watching premiership footie on the Tv (Bournemouth Vs Newcastle United) which I’m now returning to (I only checked the temps to try & help you with your query). :wink:

Try not to look for problems where there clearly aren’t any & just enjoy the music. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S : By the way I’ve been using Kontak contact cleaner for the best part of 25 years & I’ve still never encountered anything even remotely close. It’s awesomely good (just get the cap back on the bottle asap as it evaporates so quickly you can actually visualise your money disappearing).

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39°c for the player and 40°c for the server on the K50 on but sitting idle.

I used that many years ago but stopped as some warned against using it. It’s been too many years for me to remember what the issue was. The audiophile sellers even stopped selling it. I see that it leaves no residue behind so it could be that the formula has changed since then. I moved over to the Caig Deoxit products.

I can remember the supposed problems with Tweak contact enhancer, but haven’t actually seen anything regarding Kontak contact cleaner.

However, I’ve never personally encountered any problems with Kontak despite having used it for a great many years (with a break in between when I couldn’t actually obtain it). I believe the original distribution in the U.K was via Absolute Sounds (I may be wrong, but I don’t think so). I found it again a few years back being sold by Analogue Seduction in the U.K & I believe they now own the product rights (again I could be wrong :slightly_smiling_face:).

I strongly suspect (more than suspect actually), that the formula has changed to quite a degree. As previously mentioned it now evaporates ridiculously quickly & far more so than I ever remember in the past (maybe I’m just a damn sight slower :rofl:). It’s now a case of open the bottle, dip in your cotton bud or pipe cleaner, cotton wool etc & shut the bottle bottle immediately & as tightly as possible).

Then you have a very short time to work before the chosen cleaning item becomes completely dry. I’ve tried Caig Deoxit products & not been very impressed to be honest. I still actually have some.

You have used the word “impressed” but I’m boy sure how to interpret that. Is it about how well it appears to clean? Or about the improvement you hear after using it?

I think I now remember that the Kontak solution that caused issues was a contact enhancer. I think it was supposed to be applied after cleaning and then left on. That’s where the issues arose.

I haven’t typically heard much of an improvement after using Deoxit. I think that’s because I had been using it regularly with an annual clean regimen.

Last year or the year before I acquired a bottle of the High Fidelity Cables contact enhancer when it was announced that they’d be closing shop. This “nano particle solution NPS-Q45T” is now still available from The Cable Company is a different beast altogether. One has to heed the warnings about how to apply this, but the claims about it improving the sound are correct though over-hyped.

I just haven’t found Deoxit to either make a great sonic improvement after use, or appear to lift dirt off, that’s it, nothing more. You can actually see & greatly hear the results with the current Kontak contact cleaner & nowadays that’s pretty much all I ever use.

I don’t recall anything other than the Kontak contact cleaner ever being distributed here. Again & maybe I’m wrong but it’s only that I ever encountered.

I’ve not tried an actual contact enhancer since Tweak & that was so long ago I can’t actually remember how long, but it’s probably the best part of a quarter of a century. I never had problems with that either to be truthful, but at the time I never really kept anything long enough to encounter problems I suppose.

Hell, I’ve owned so much gear in the past that if I’d kept it, I could probably open my own shop (that’s really not a good thing). I’m pretty settled now & all the happier for it.

Ah maybe I’m confusing Tweak with Kontak. I probably am. Sorry for the confusion.

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I seem to recall that the Tweak contact enhancer could eventually cause contact pitting & I stayed away after that.

OLADRA temps, can vary due to ambient room temperature, and what software is being run, 40-50 is totally normal

OLADRA Server Temp
Oladra Server
OLADRA Player Temp
Oladra Player


My core temp has been getting as high as 60 I have a k50. Should I be concerned

HQ Player sure has that cooking! That’s 20 degrees above what I see now.

I’m guessing that’s still okay but I hope Antipodes weighs in.

60 is fine, some previous models sit at that naturally.