Not get the full material skin experience through Antipodes

Hi, Just setting up my new addition. Antipodes DS-Edge. I can’t seem to navigate the Squeezebox app with the “Toggle setting”, also can’t get split screen with the playlist playing on the right and the library on the left. Is this because it’s Squeezelite ? in the tutorial video the interface is slightly different, but the video indicates clicking the full screen and I don’t have that option in my view. I’m getting it like it’s full screen player all the time. I have to navigate away from the playlist to browse music.
I’ll post my 2nd question on a different thread. Everything sounds great btw… :slight_smile:

Happy to hear this!

If possible, please post some screenshots. It sounds like it may be running an older version of the software. We can better assist if we see what you see?

The last pic is what It should be . (A split screen.) The other 2 pics are what I’m getting.
I had the split screen with toggle options for the last 2 years, so its not new tech. When I’m in full on music listening mode, I really need this setup.

It appears that your device is running AMS 4. You should get the new screens when you are able to install AMS 5. It’s on hold presently but is expected to be available again soon.

I’ve read about this update, but I don’t believe it’s been released.

It was released and then put on hold so Antipodes could figure out why some had trouble installing it. It will be coming back with some added improvements.

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This is the ultimate LMS display… Can navigate so easily.

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