Not sure why, lost a lot of album covers. Things were fine

So not immediately after the latest roon update and mac os update, I just noticed 75% of my library of covers won’t load. Tried cleaning library, clean cache, restart roon, restart computer, restart my DX with oladra, and no change. Its aesthetic i realize and doesn’t effect playing, except for inspiration. So im a bit of a loss as to where the problem is. Any suggestions, im not a computer geek. Lastly all roon remote apps, on my iMac, iPad, iPhone all have the same no 75% no album covers.

well tried a restore back up from roon backups and made it worse, 99% no covers just blank grey squares mostly

have you checked the artwork setting in roon?

Sure, not certain what settings would be incorrect. It’s a strange one in that is it a roon issue, which seems to be problematic on the internet, or antipodes. Granted this occurred a few weeks after 3.13 antipodes Linux os and latest roon update. It seems to me that it’s a ram issue in DX but I’m so not a diy guy so I have no clue

What’s the resolution of the artwork?

Ok found solution through my antipodes. Uninstall roon reinstall roon, sign in, rescanned in ten minutes all my covers were back

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