Oladra RAM Capacity

I see that the new Oladra will have 64GB of RAM.
I am interested to know what the design considerations were for such a large mount of RAM?
Are you expecting the server apps such as Roon etc to use much more RAM in the future?

Does it also signal that the older Antipodes Servers (DX/CX/EX) may start to be compromised due to the smaller amounts of RAM on board?


Roon database management uses considerable amounts of Ram, for users with very large Roon libraries they will see a benefit in the extra memory.
On upgrades we increase the memory of CX to accommodate.
This really is only useful if your library is very large, we offer up to 24TB of onboard storage, and the ability to add external via NAS so having onboard resources to accommodate seems like an appropriate step for the best server.
At factory we can happily run an Antipodes on 4GB, it really depends on what you are asking your device to do.

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I am curious on compare the Oladra computer power to that of the K50 and how it would impact the use of HQ player or any other software now and for the future. And what other processing power does the Oladra have over the K50? Am trying to decide either upgrade my K50 mark 2 or make the jump to the Oladra. — Your thoughts

Good question. If one wants to really take advantage of what HQPlayer can do with DSD, a very powerful processor is needed and that will require some means of active cooling. Most likely you will need to look to a consumer PC or custom built solution.