Oladra Reclocking

In looking at Antipodes website re: Oladra, it appears to me via the processing diagram that with the Oladra, the USB reclocker also reclocks data going to second reclocker for I2S, AES3, and S/PDIF, thus dual reclocking for those digital outputs. This is a feature I was unaware of with the (upgraded only?) Oladra. The K50 shows single reclocking for USB and for I2S, AES3, and S/PDIF.

For upgraded Oladra users, do you perceive significant increases in sound quality for I2S, AES3, and S/PDIF since your upgrade? How do you rank the various digital outputs, including USB, vs each other now and has your preferred output changed since your upgrade?

Indeed, yes I noticed a significant upgrade in sound quality to the Oladra spdif (BNC) output since the upgrade to the Oladra 2. I have compared it to the new Oladra usb output and whilst I agree that is significantly better than the Oladra 1, I still prefer the spdif (BNC) Oladra 2 output into my Mscaler or Dave when compared to usb, probably because it is often agreed that the Dave and Mscaler both sound best using their BNC inputs.

I have not tried the new AES3 output connected to the Dave but with the Oladra 1 I found it to be broadly similar to BNC but with the disadvantage of not being able to use it with Wave Storm cables. I cannot comment on I2S because I dont have a dac that accepts that input. The optical output from Oladra 1 to either my Mscaler or Dave was far behind BNC and I have not repeated the comparison with Oladra 2.

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Thank you for this feedback, Nick.

Very interesting …