Oladra with no Sata SSD, can it play from a portable drive

A few friends have Oladra’s, but neither have a Sata SSD drive installed.

Q. If I bring along my portable SSD drive (or thumb drive) via USB cable, with Flac music files, and insert the drive will the contents be playable?

I recall I once inserted a thumb drive in the Oladra and saw ‘Copy’ on the system settings but we didn’t proceed as logically there wasn’t a Sata drive installed. But maybe it has the ability to load some files into memory?

Thanks in advance.

Yes it is possible.
An external should be formatted as exFat in an ideal world.
Turn off the OLADRA, connect the USB external to one of the BLUE USB ports on the rear, re-start the OLADRA.
Go to File Manager, here you can Include the contents in your library.
Depending on the quality, speed of the external, coupled with the size of the library will depend on how long it takes to scan.

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