On AMS 5.0 has anyone tried Squeeze Server + Squeeze Player vs Squeeze Server + MPD Player

I was motivated to try this comparison because Squeeze Server + MPD Player is a way to utilise the JPLAY app on iPad or iPhone.

Also, I wanted to try to get some insight into whether it is the Squeeze Server or Player which is the more important for sound quality.

Having attended a friend’s funeral on Friday where this track was played I thought it was as good as any for this comparison.

My verdict for what it is worth, is that Squeeze + Squeeze is completely different to Squeeze + MPD. With Squeeze as the Player the instruments are so life like, there is huge depth to the sound stage and I just couldn’t stop grinning as I listened to the track.

Using MPD as the Player with Squeeze as the Server app the sound and instruments are smeared and flat. Nothing sounds realistic and all depth has disappeared.

So, is there anything in the MPD set up that I should be doing to improve sound quality?

Has anyone else tried this comparison and do they hear what I hear or do they hear different?

I tried the JPLAY app as well as iPeng and also the Material Skin to control the Squeeze Server. They all sounded the same.

Default settings for mpd is low res aac for streaming files so worth checking mpd settings in ams

@tommytwotimes Indeed you are correct but unless there is something else, as far as I can see that relates to streamimg services such as Tidal or Qobuz. I have disabled those and the track I was playing was a locally stored file.

I assume that leaving the DAC resolution as default is the preferred option (the file is 24bit 44.1)