PGGB & Antipodes

Ive read quite a bit about PGGB and how amazing it is for stored music.

I see that theres a free trial. Sounds interesting, but I have no idea whatsoever how it works/connects with Antipodes Units.

Anyone here use/tried it?

PGGB creates upscaled music files. You play them like any other file.

I’m a big fan of PGGB. How much you’ll like it depends a lot on your DAC. I believe Chord DACs respond the best to it.

But where do you even start? Its not one of the server apps on your Antipodes Units.

I use HQPlayer and I see how that works and links with Antipodes and Roon. I have no idea with PGGB.

You run PGGB on a Mac or PC. Feed it music files and it will output much larger files. Copy these to your server and play them just like any other music file.

sounds like like a lot of faff. ok cheers

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Never heard of RGGB. I used this for a while … Free Sample Rate Converter Tool Software - r8brain | Voxengo.

Now I use roon to upsample to 96kHz and my DAC upsamples that to 192kHz. It is not much load on the EXs CPU and reduces load on the DAC. No faff.

No doubt all these offer their own flavour.

The goal isn’t sample rate conversion. The goal is to more-perfectly reconstruct the digital signal. The more “taps” (or bigger the time window), the better the reconstruction. The higher sample rate is simply what’s needed to achieve that with PGGB.

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