Physical remote for K50

Is there any option to use a physical remote to control Roon running on my K50 ? I want to be able to play/pause and control next/previous track. I used to do it with a PC based Roon server using FLIRC.
Maybe someone been able to use Raspberry PI as a control node for Roon…


Why not just use Roon remote on a phone, maybe grab an old secondhand phone to dedicate as the Roon remote, seems like the easiest option.

An IR remote would be a wonderful thing to see Antipodes support. Nothing beats the convenience of physical buttons when trying to control playback.

I was able to use a spare Mac run the application Remote Buddy in order to control Roon with a Harmony remote. It works well enough but these days I rarely use Roon. What I would love is to be able to control Squeeze with an IR remote. That would be awesome.

Exactly, a phone is not the same as having a physical remote.
Also, I use the system remote to control volume so it is not convenient to use another device to move tracks.

I think a remote that I can program to my Logitech Harmony remote would be nice for restarts. I know it doesn’t happen much but I’ve gotten lazy and don’t want to actually get of my seat to restart when needed.

This works really well.

And you can also get one that’s more advanced one called roo6d that uses a more expensive 6d control thing with more functions.

Just to update that I found a solution with my Apple TV.
If you use the TV:Remote app to have a roon remote on your apple TV, you can use the build in option of Apple TV to program IR remotes to control it.