Player options (non Antipodes) for DS(x) server/player

Firstly thanks to Mark & Co for helping me get my aged DS Core on to AMS 4.3. I didn’t think it would be capable.

I’ve been wondering for some time what options there would be in terms of players (non Anitpodes). Back in the pre AMS days, think SonicOrbiter, I seem to remember the Sonore Rendu would have been an option.

Now we are in the era of AMS (and how good is that :smiley: ) could I for instance try a Raspberry Pi based transport/streamer/dac (Thinking along the lines of Ian Canada Digi Transport). Or is my understanding a bit off?

Also just seen the Holo Red which is a Streamer + DDC and could be a good option for my system with its USB out from the DX (DS Core).

My Metrum Onyx DAC does have an I2S over RJ45 input but I don’t think I can use this as it has no player functionality. It would present a nice option as the DS Core has an RJ45 out.

Thoughts and advice much appreciated.

I would look at a Server and use the DS as a Player