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Hi there,

after failing to link up with Tidal using Squeeze server/player, I tried Spotify and had some success. At least I can see it in my Apps and also Spotify Playlists are visible and playable in Antipodes Squeezebox Player.
I was happy enjoying music until I noticed that every time I created local Playlist it would disappear overnight.
So does it mean I can only have playlists linked from Spotify? Surely I should be able to have Playlists using audio files from local Antipodes storage.
I though there should be some kind of option or switch in set ups but could not find any.
I wonder if anyone else had the same problem.

Any suggestions and help would be much appreciated

Hi there the answer is YES you should have playlists for longer than a night.
However I see that it currently isnt working for me, we are looking into it, thanks for letting us know.
Can I ask the size of your playlist please approx number of tracks?
Will post an update when I have one.
Oh, and if you wish for me to have a look at your Tidal issue I am happy to do so, email me at

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Hello MarkCole

Thanks a lot for your reply.
First couple of times I created just one playlist with a bit more than 100 tracks. After they disappeared I just tried a half a dozen song playlists which didn’t stick around either.
Anyway, as long as the problem is known it can be resolved I suppose.

Looking forward to further updates.
Thank you for your offer to help out with Tidal, I’ll get in touch shortly

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