Please define the Antipodes resources allocated to handle Roon Cache

This is an observational post pertaining to the cache memory for Roon on my CX.
Prior to Roon release 1.8, I would notice the cache to be a few hundred MB over several weeks.
After clearing the cache now [post Roon 1.8], the cache can get to well over 100MB within an hour.
I’ve seen it as high as 2GB over say, 10 or more days. Clearing the cache restores a level of clarity to the listening experience.
There appears to be correlation with the degree that Roon is working to select music for the queue and how quickly the cache expands. If I repeat the same album from my library such as a System Burn In track, the cache seems to hover well below 200MB. Is there a fixed memory allocated for this cache or is it a dynamic allocation?
Can Antipodes describe how this works?

There are advantages that come from caching - both in terms of UI responsiveness and reduced network traffic. I would expect having to fetch data from their servers would harm sound quality more than retrieving it from the cache. The cache on my K30 stands at 7.7 GB. I’d be reluctant to clear it.