PLEX - Your Library on the Move

Did you know that all current Antipodes Audio Music Servers come with PLEX included.
PLEX Pass and PLEXAMP and Antipodes for the mobile win.

Personally, I have unlimited mobile data, so offline downloads or limiting Flac playback are a thing of the past.
I have two Antipodes servers connected, with a access to over 20TB of music to stream, as well as Tidal, tho I never need Tidal, tho is handy to have.
It is my own personal streaming service.
I spend close to 2 hours a day in the car, my favourite feature Decade Radio enables me to relive my youth on the go.
Recently travelling in Germany, I had my music with me at the hotel, by simply connecting to wifi.
Go to friends, take over the music by connecting to their Bluetooth devices.
Having PLEX on my Antipodes Server has added so much more to my music library enjoyment, it’s simply in my phone, or on my laptop wherever I am.

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That’s awesome! I need to try that.