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I posted the following on another forum, in which I participate on a thread regarding SSD question asked regarding what drives forum participants were using. PM893 was one discussed and I had posted there Antipodes and many Antipodes owners like the PM 893, I am enclosing my most recent post on this as a Buyer Beware on a what I perceive may be a problematic offering on this drive on Amazon for this drive.

"PM893 3.84 TB really has come down in price at Amazon as apparently have some other Samsung drives. In late March of 2021, I paid $430.66 for 3.84 TB EVO 860. My drive data recently became corrupted, most probably due to an electrical outage and subsequent surge event. I was able to reload my music from a backup, but harbored concerns if the drive life itself could have been compromised. I ordered a 3.84 TB PM893 at the end of of November for $348. It is now shown for $198 by a different seller. However, the reviews on this seller are not good for last 12 months and the other seller for new (one I had used with my order and with good reviews) is significantly higher–higher than I paid a month ago from them. I personally have reservations on whether the significantly lower priced seller is correctly representing/listing this sale.

Regarding sound quality of the PM893 vs the EVO860, I cannot truly give a reliable opinion at this time. I have kept the EVO 860 loaded with music as another backup. My system sounds quite good currently. Certainly, I could shut down and disconnect power off my Antipodes K50 to swap drives again as some form of test, but there would be some time delays in doing so and starting up with new drive. There are also views that shutting down the unit completely with power disconnect like this would require up to several days for the unit to stabilize again for ideal sound, defeating, in my opinion, an accurate sound quality comparison. As noted, I am pleased with my system sound quality with the PM893 installed."

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I am New to Streaming and a proud Owner os a K50🤩
As I have a vast collection of CD’s but not a great deal of Stored music on my PC I have got advices and purchased a CD ripper along with a Samsung EVO 870 SSD 1TB from Amazon. These were recommended to me by my Country’s Distributor.
So fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: when I receive both in 2 days…All should be good.
Samsung do storage from 250Gb to 4TB
5 year Warranty too

Hope this helps?

I don’t think that will be the case as the drive swap is done promptly. Probably best to do a quick reboot before swapping drives as sometimes clearing the buffers can result in a perceived improvement.

The last few times I’ve rebooted, I observed no differences.

I don’t think Amazon does enough to screen out bad sellers or sellers who sell counterfeit products. Buyers should beware.