Possible DDC benefits

Hi there, this is my first post.
I moved on from a well used and enjoyed DS and now have the S30/S60 combo going to a Denafrips Pontus DAC via a Curious Cables USB cable.
I’m very happy with the music quality with around 50 hours of use on the combo.
I have read elsewhere that adding a DDC between the server and the DAC can, in some instances, vastly improve the sound quality by converting the signal to I2S which is available to use on the Pontus.
I’m not sure if a DDC is required due to the Antipodes architectural philosophy.
Are there any owners on here who can share their experience with a modern DDC?
Thanks, Ian

The S20 can be considered a DDC so that should provide insight into Antipodes’ thoughts on the topic.

My understanding is that Denafrips DACs greatly benefit from a DDC that provides I2S. If the S20 is compatible with the Denafrips implementation I think that would be a great way to go as you could use your S60 to power it.

Thanks Kenny!
I’ll check out the S20 and try to compare it with the Denafrips offerings.
Yes, everyone who uses a DDC on the Denafrips fan pages says they are a worthwhile addition but none of them use Antipodes :wink:

I actually think the better the server the more a DDC can help. Note what Antipodes themselves say about the reclocked outputs of the K50 in the following.

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Hi, did you get to use a DDC? Did you get a chance to try S20?

I am using S30 to Denafrips Iris over usb to Musician Pegasus over i2s and there is a audible benefit. Too early to say to what extent it’s worth it. I am comparing a lot within my setup currently. (Upstream: Buffalo switch to Etherregen +lps 1.2 + AQ vodka)

Replacing curious USB with Lush2, there’s no way back. It seems to me Antipodes usb can benefit a lot from a good USB cable.

Do you use the second 12v output of the s30?

Hi Paul,
no, I have not moved on a DDC as yet.
Been spending my money on house renovations atm.
No, I don’t use the 2nd 12V outlet.

regards, ian