Power Cable on Servers Matter, Found Out on Accident

Holy cow, used the standard cable that came with the K50 today since I was short 1 cable today and something seemed off the whole time ever since.

I always just had a set of “OK” cables as I never thought they mattered that much and just always had a decent so so set and forget about it but at the same time not wanting to use the most basic cables “just in case” type of mentality.

Threw back the original cable (not even that great of a cable, a modest NRG Z3 from AQ) and wow.

Anyone else have similar experiences with their Antipodes servers specifically scaling up a tid bit with nicer power cables? What is interesting was that, other than the power amp, this is the only other component where I saw that a power cable helped, for my DACS I have never experienced this.


Yes, I experienced this in the past, now, rightly or wrongly, I assume that one needs a better power cable and don’t even bother with the out of the box options.

Yes, power cables have a significant impact on the sound. I have found they impact the sound of a component at least as much if not more than signal cables. I experimented with several different power cables on my K50, each one sounded different and I chose the one that I thought sounded the best.


Hi, which one worked best for you? On my K30 I’m using a Naim Power Line as it’s one I had available. Elsewhere I’m using AQ Blizzard.

I use Transparent Audio Gen 5 XL on my K50, Aqua Formula xHD Dac and my Lamm LP2 phono stage. Snake River Signature Hybrid Amp on my VTL TL 7.5iii and Lamm M1.2. Clarus Crimson HC on my power conditioners.

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I always found it interesting that people mix and match power cables. I have way way too much OCD to be able to do that!

Over the last 10 years I have moved from having the same brand of power cables. Shunyata (Sigma last) to Transparent Audio Gen 5 XL to using power cables I believe sound better with a particular component. I do use the same analog signal cables, Transparent Gen 5 XL.

That is very bossy and very dedicated, much much respect. Wow.

Also very inspiring how far people can fine tune, maybe some day I will slowly get to that level, but for now I am going to take the ignorance is bliss lane and just satisfy my OCD by having full loom from same company.

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My buddy and I heard a clear improvement when we replaced the stock cord with a Shunyata Alpha NR V2 when he was demoing the K50.

Once I bought my own K50, I installed a spare Shunyata Delta NR v2 and never tried the stock cable. I do wonder if an Alpha will provide a benefit I can hear.

I use a Delta v2 NR as well. Given how much of an improvement it brought over an older Alpha HC, I suspect you’d hear a nice improvement as you move up to an Alpha v2 NR.

Don’t want to ‘hear’ that with the market going south… :wink:

I bought the v2 NRs due to kennyb123 mentioning how content he was with them on various random occasions.

It is great to know other users are having great experiences with them as well.

I bought 3 of em thangs!

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