Power Conditioner Group Buy

I am ordering a PSM156 Studio Master Mains Purifier from the UK from Puritan Audio Labs.
They will make them a bit cheaper if we order more.
If you want one (or one of the TWELVE outlet PSM1512) let me know in the next few days.
Don’t dally!!
YYRRRCH! EDIT!: This is me ordering for Australia with Australian plugs.
I can ask if they are interested in a worldwide group buy, but that would seem very unlikely, especially where they already have a Distributor in place.
Sorry for causing confusion.


Awesome kit, it has to be said

Can the units in group buy be shipped to different countries? What is the offered price? Thanks.

@ICUToo @shsoh I am in the uk and could be interested if they can do a group buy where they ship to different countries. I will watch this thread for any news.

I’d be interested in one of these as well.

Please note the edit in first post:
Australian plugs

Yep, that works for me.

Just made the mistake of reading the ASR review.

Any idea of amount of discount/pricing? Australian plugs the go for me.
Would it work by us ordering directly with a discount code or similar?
Thanks for your time and initiating this.

I have sent PMs to those who identify as being in Australia, and one to shsoh to find out where shsoh is

Not sure if anyone else has one of these yet but I ordered one from the NZ distributor that arrived a few days ago.

I’ve been deliberating with power conditioning for a while but the recommendation here gave me the faith to give it a try.

Quite extraordinary, glad I did, thank you team. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, ironically I’ve been talking to Peter about ordering a 156 c/w a load of Ultimate cables. Were you using a conditioner before that you could provide us with a comparison study against? I’ve been using a Richard Gray Power Station for many years with good results but the recent reviews of the Puritan product have raised my attention somewhat!

Ps I’m in NZ too

No comparisons I’m afraid, the previous power board was an old Antipodes one. Mark’s foray into power cables etc was shortlived due to red tape from memory. I’ve made my own using Supra cable and Furutech connectors.

I remember Richard Gray product being sold by Baigent & Daughters in Mt Wellington a long time ago, interesting concept from memory. A more lasting impression was the full MBL set up they had back in the day.

Hi, just found your post but guess it’s too late to add a PSM1512 to your bulk order?
I’m in Whangarei New Zealand.
Please let me know if you’re still adding to your order.
Thank you.
Kind regards, Tony. Ph 064 21438890

nzastro, sorry, did not go ahead as not enough local orders
All the best!!!

I have the PSM 156 SE which can be seen here:
Mains purification and distribution | The Audio Consultants

I’m in the UK buy I ordered it with 6 Furutech Schuko sockets doing away with the fuses in UK plains plugs.

It was a noticeable improvement over the non-SE version and the Furutech plugs and sockets gave a better “grip” of the cable into the distributor

Thank you for your prompt reply. Much appreciated.
Regards, Tony.

I currently have some of their ultimate cables from a furutech schuko 6-way. Which amplifier(s) are you using it with?

I have Hegel power amps