Power down S40 fore reboot, green led out, standby led keeps on flashing

My S40 powered by S60 and usb connected to Bricasti M1 is working oke.
Leave the unit powered up 24/7 normally.
Had to reboot due to Roon error regarding metadata improvement paused (small red triangle with exclamation mark)after adding album to library.
S40 did power down after pushing button to standby orange flashing led and vanished in my antipodes. But orange led kept on flashing meaning not a full power down.
The Roon-error is just an example normally powering down also causes the same continuous flashing of orange led. Any suggestions. Thanks Jan.

Hi there Jan, where are you based?
Please contact support@antipodes.audio

Hello Mark,
I am based in the Netherlands, Alkmaar.

I’m in the same situation. My S40 will not go into standby mode. The light continues to blink and I must unplug it from my S60 to shut it down. Is there a fix for this?

Please contact support

Hi. Same is happening here with my K30. I am going to send an email to your support