Power - leave On or Off

Hi There,

Just a quick rookie question
I’ve just purchased and installed S30/S60 combo.
Do I leave S60 power always on or is it better to turn it off using power switch on the back panel after each use?

Leaving it on is what Antipodes recommends. I recommend leaving digital gear always on. Thermal stabilization is best for sound quality.


Thank you for reply mate, will do so.


Yes, my k50 is left fully powered up 24/7, as is my Dave and Mscaler.


Digital components should deliver a shock to the person who’s trying to power them down. Or at least a warning like “Do you really want to harm sound quality by powering me down?” :grinning:


I obviously leave mine on because it improves the sound quality, but I’d also advise usage/installation of adequate surge protections devices. A type 1 or 2 SPD should ideally be installed at the incoming mains position (dependant on supply arrangements) with type 3 SPD’s plugged in adjacent socket outlets to those powering your system. This will have no detrimental effect on sound quality as they connect in parallel rather than in series & are passive except in the event of a surge or spike. For the installation at the mains position you should consult a qualified electrical installer. However, this should not be an expensive job as the actual SPD’s themselves are quite cheap. Subject to a spare way they can often be installed in the same consumer unit/fuse-board.

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