Power supply stabilization

I have a new K30 which has been energized continuously for a month. I feel it has stabilized (burned in). I am adding a power conditioner and will be turning it off. After reenergizing how long should it take for the power supply to stabilize again?

On the power conditioner (AQ Niagra 1200) there are outputs for high current devices and for low current devices, dacs, streamers. Which would be the best for the K30?

Use one of the Niagara 1200’s linear noise-dissipation (non-high current) duplexes, and plug the K30 and your DAC into the same duplex.

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Thank you. I had read the manual but…It appears all low current receptacles are simplex. The manual is quite cryptic with the usual hifi yadda yadda. Do you have any access to a wiring diagram or can indicate if there is duplex wiring?

You’re correct. My mistake.

The Niagara 5000 and up use duplexes.

If it’s just a matter of powering it down to swap power cords around and then powering it back up again, I don’t think I’ve heard that having much impact on sound quality. It really depends on how long the power is off.

I think your K30 might still settle in a bit over the next month.

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Thanks Ken. That’s what I was hoping. First listens with the conditioner don’t point to any sound changes. Our power here is very good but I wanted the surge protection. The house has at least five computers on at any one time as well as numerous home automation end points which add quite a bit of noise. I am not happy with the Niagra receptacles as cord connectors are quite loose (especially TT2 and mscaler). I thought I had blown the K30 fuse but it was a loose plug as well. I have a stand coming so I will be redoing things and maybe change the plugs at that time.

The conditioner and cord feeding it will need some time to burn in as well. It might even sound worse for a bit until it does.