Problem moving SSDs from EX to CX

I had an EX first and put my music into 2 SSDs. Then I bought an CX and moved the SSDs to it. But in the CX dashboard, it didn’t recognize the SSDs. In the EX dashboard, it showed 2 SSDs but said they needed to be swiped before they can be used. Did I do something wrong?

Did you install them in the right order?

Do you mean putting the one in right hand slot of the ex to the right hand one in the CX?.

The slots are numbered on both the K30 and K50. When I moved my drives from one to the other I made sure I kept this order. You’ll need to do the same with the CX.

If the CX has not had an SSD previously installed its library system must be initialised by inserting a blank SSD and then ‘adding’ it. Once this has been done you can then power off the CX, remove the blank SSD, insert the two SSDs from the EX, and power back on. They should then be recognised on the CX.

The blank SSD does not need to be the same size as the EX SSDs.