Problem powering up my K50

Usually I keep my K50 powered up 24/7 but last night I put it into standby and then switched it off from the mains. This morning I switched it on at the switch on the rear and pressed the front button as per usual but this time nothing is happening. No bleeps, no lights on the front. I can see a green light inside and on the rear the green light is flashing on the ethernet cable/socket. I have also checked both fuses and they seem OK.

Any ideas for what to try?

EDIT - Update, encouraged by another owner, Clive, I persevered with repowering the K50 and eventually it came back to life. I will now keep it powered on 24/7!

Editing my earlier post…in my case the internal lights are off. Will need to send in for repair

@Sohgood Have you checked both fuses?