Ps audio directstream

I am a new user of antipodes. I can’t wait to hear the difference, I used iMac before

I have just purchased an Antipodes DS GT. I have a direct stream PS audio. I wanted to know which USB output used 5 V or not. I do not have the specifications of the audio PS
So…USB on or off 5 v

Most usb connectons need 5v on. If you first try off and there is no sound, so no connection, then 5v off should be right. Be sure to switch off all power before changing usb to avoid possible static electricity.

thank you very much .

can’t wait to listen to the sound with roon configuration

claude from Quebec, Canada

Slight but important correction: no sound with 5v off means you should switch to 5v ON. But still remember to switch off power when changing usb connections. Just to be sure.