Qobuz integration with Squeeze

I have been using Squeeze Server and Player for over 2.5 years, previously with a K50, now with an Oladra. Previously, albums that were marked as favorites in Qobuz were displayed in my Squeeze library. Now albums that were marked as favorites weeks ago are still not showing up in Squeeze. I have already carried out several scans and restarted the Oladra. Qobuz HiRes albums are also played briefly at the beginning with the wrong bit depth and sampling frequency, then the music stops briefly and then it plays correctly. Local data is not affected, only Qobuz.
Is there a Qobuz/Squeeze problem here?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Several manual scans were unsuccessful. Then I turned off the Oladra and turned it on again 12 hours later. Now all of Qobuz’s favorite albums are in my Squeeze library. Strange.
Thanks anyway.

Online services like Qobuz tend to make ongoing enhancements. Sometimes bugs creep in - then they notice - then they fix it. That’s probably what occurred here.

Yep, the other thing to note is DNS on the router, using Google DNS or Cloudflare can help with communication back to the mothership.