Qobuz vs Tidal for streaming services

Hi All, my Qobuz subscription is nearing renewal and I’m considering switching over to Tidal. Curious if anyone has previously compared the two and have any thoughts?

My primary issue with Qobuz is their curation algorithms. The recommendations and autoplay (after an album has completed) is rather atrocious. Not sure how they segue from Stanley Turrentine to ABBA but it happened, unfortunately in the middle of a party, which I will never live down.

Anyhow, just curious of peoples experiences with the two services and any recommendations.


Hi Ratbastrd - I just posted my thoughts on this on another forum 15 minutes before seeing this post:

Qobuz pays more than 3x the amount per stream to artists than the next best payer, being Tidal (based on this source: How Much Does Spotify Pay per Stream: Everything You Need to Know | Headphonesty).
Qobuz costs less than 60% of Tidal for their high res services (in NZ), and sounds better to my ears.

I will tolerate the occasional odd suggestion if it comes to that for these advantages…even ABBA (but that hasn’t happened to me yet).


There are numerous factors to consider. From what I gather,:

  • Tidal has alot more tracks/albums, but Qubuz has (some/many?) different tracks/albums.

  • Qubuz sounds better

I think roon does a good job of Dj/selecting similar tracks especially from your library,but sometimes wanders a bit far from ‘similar’ for my liking (possibly intentionally showing music you may not know about).


I’d strongly recommend trying both and deciding between them for yourself, as performance is personal and available music range may be a factor.
…I had both for some time and cancelled Tidal but that was in the MQA days so it’s not a current call.
My decision was based on performance, at the time a preference for high res over MQA, plus the ability to buy albums. Gained some and lost some in terms of music availability. I don’t plan on switching but I may try Tidal again to see what’s changed.

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I agree that you should try both. I had Tidal originally and only changed to Qobuz when for some reason my DAC stopped reading MQA files. I believe that the Tidal database was/is bigger, but I do appreciate the resolution and option to buy I have with Qobuz.

I use both. I’d probably drop Tidal if it wasn’t for the daily discovery and if I had to pick just one it would be very difficult. I much prefer the Tidal curation but the Qobuz file format/ hi-res is better.

I started with Tidal having been initially seduced by all the BS hype over MQA. Then after some years I moved over to Qobuz and much preferred it SQ’wise. After my annual subscrition expired, I moved back to Tidal to see if I would miss Qobuz. After 2 months it was very clear and i moved back to Qobuz. I’m not sure there is a better way than this to discover what works best for you given your own set of individual preferences. …and it’s also a good way of avoiding “tail wagging dog” :smiley::see_no_evil:

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Happy Holidays everyone,

So I spent a bit of time exploring both and have decided to stick with Qobuz. Realized I can lean on Roon a bit more for recommendations, plus start building some lists which will help the algos understand what I like.

Thanks for the feedback, very helpful!

I had subscribed to both Tidal and Qobuz for a few years, but opted to drop Tidal when they started providing MQA versions that didn’t unfold to higher resolutions. I ended up not missing Tidal one bit.