Rack Setup S30/S60

This is probably a newby question (which I am). I have an S30 and S60 side-by-side in a rack (hopefully that is ok), but even then, I’ve run out of shelves. My room is too small for another rack. Would stacking the S30 on top of the S60, or vise versa, degrade the sound, or is the shielding, etc. good for that? (I’m guessing it might be a compromise and if so, the son’s xbox might be relegated to the floor).

Well if you consider the CX/EX & K series have the PSU and computer built in one enclosure albeit the server board is in its own vented casement, then stacking them would seam to be logical.

No question, the son’s Xbox to the floor. Make sure it gets proper cooling. You wouldn’t want to set it on carpet. Maybe set it on a cutting board.

You probably could get away with stacking the S30 on the S60, but ensure that there is good airflow. Consider placing some kind of vibration absorbing footer between them. The more distance between them, the better. I worry shielding might hinder airflow, but EMF drops quickly as separation increases so taller footers, like maybe the Stillpoints Ultra Minis, would do a nice job.

Thank you for the advice kennyb123 and c_k.
Interesting that the K and other series combine PSU and computer, but I am guessing they could have more EMF protection built in. I suspect they are also at a different budget point. The milled Stillpoints look very nice, but they too are more than the xbox placement is worth (399 euros I think for the Ultra Minis)… Taking this into account: A quick trip to the garage and the xbox is now on an elevated birch ply plinth on the floor, which keeps the son happy (and avoids the vacuum, and a carpet fire - thanks Kenny) and the Naim CD player is on it’s own shelf, which it likes. (Whether I still need the CD player now that I have a server is another subject). All that remains is for the wife to get used to the extra box on the floor…

This is the inside of my K30. The motor is separated off as you can see. And yeah Stillpoints are pricey for sure. Buying used is definitely recommended. Glad you were able to sort it all out.