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How do you register my antipodes k50 for warranty? Would also like to comment on your package containers. They are very weak and poorly made

Hi there, thank you for your feedback, we are aware some clients receive their units with the boxes in less than stellar shape, yet others travel across the world, but look like the box was collected from down the road.
We do have a packaging design project in process, but we have may balls in the air at present.
Please see image above for registering your Antipodes devices, go to the myantipodes dashboard, scroll to the bottom of the page and click in to register.

Thanks for the answers. That was easy —. Had an A/B section with 5 friends. Comparing my DX3 vr4 with latest 3.13 software and my new K50 —- after play the K50 for 4 or 5 tracks and switching to the DX3 —- after two track the group said STOP — This was done on a blind testing —- The K50 was the better by a lot —- Will be A/B the Innous statement if the owner has the guts to do it —- Good job on the K50 —— Ps keep working on the outer box. And does the K50 have a braking time for the best sound?


@MarkCole Just on the outer packaging I have to say that the outer box really could do with being a much stronger grade of cardboard. For various reasons I have now had two new K50 and both arrived looking as if they had both gone 10 times round the world. There were big rips in both outer boxes and it was just lucky it had not gone through the inner box as well. I think it really is to do with that outer box just not being of sufficient grade grade of cardboard.

Agree 100% outer box needs to be replaced —- If I had to ship it again I would not trust the outbox —-

My K50 arrived last April in a box with clear signs that it had been cut open by a Stanley knife or similar. I assume that had been by some customs officer somewhere on the journey. The K50 itself was not damaged in any way, but the contempt of not even trying to open the box properly was shocking.

Still, much can happen even after that thanks to some couriers.

I’m assuming there is only so much anyone can do, even with packaging?

I know that my units only travelled across the ditch to Sydney Australia, but they both looked like they had been hand delivered. Absolutely unmarked.

The box for my K30 arrived in great shape. It had traveled from New Zealand to the Seattle area.

The best though was the condition of the box when I got it back from the Antipodes repair center in Denver. It had been wrapped in cellophane. Nice touch.


This is my first comment and I only say anything because I’m awaiting receipt of my K30 and will now pray that the shipper doesn’t elect to drop my package off a very tall building immediately prior to delivery. It’s a little worrisome based upon what I’m seeing but I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed. I definitely agree that it is very important to make sure the packaging is good as you never know when you might need to send something some where. It also makes the shipper look like they are willing to go the extra mile. I don’t know about most people but I keep boxes for a very long time and, for example, sending a PASS Amp that weighs 100lbs without the original box is truly a pain in the Posterior. Just my two cents.

My two K50 (s) had external damage poor show on the boxes, they need to be stronger.
That way you will never know the product has been dropped or mishandled…by the transportation.

Due to a mix-up my friends K30 arrived in silver instead of the black he’d actually ordered. As a result Elite Audio have very kindly loaned him a unit until his own K30 arrives in the correct colour.

This loan unit arrived yesterday with the box badly battered & with some slight damage to the K30 inside. The courier only had it in their possession for less than 24 hrs & apparently when it left Elite the packaging was perfect.

Clearly looking at the boxes it’s been dropped more than once which is pretty disgusting on the couriers part & it’s clearly been handled by operatives that just don’t care. It got all the way from New Zealand in good condition but then they handed to DPD.

It’s quite hard to see from the photograph but the bottom of the K30 unit on one corner now sticks slightly proud by around 0.5 mm. It’s hard to imagine it left the factory like that.

I am sorry but the Antipodes packaging is simply not fit for purpose.

Having said that, it is probable that as long as none of the aluminium panels have been broken or bent then it can all be loosened off and then tightened up nice and square.

The outer packaging on both of my own K50’s arrived quite badly messed up with a very large rip in one, however the inner packaging remained fairly intact & the units themselves were undamaged. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wouldn’t have a great deal of faith that the packaging would survive another journey though & so I’d probably be inclined to add additional protection should I ever have need to send my K50 back for service.

The mix-up with the order, although initially disappointing for my friend, has actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it’s not his unit that’s been damaged. Not great news for Elite Audio though. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Yes I ordered Silver and received black…
But Elite have fantastic Customer Service and quickly was exchanged. I did not open so for next customer if the box was not damaged had a new K50.

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Elite were already aware of the mix-up & so never sent the brand new player out. What they sent was a loaner to tide my friend over until his new player arrives from NZ.

They could have just sent him one or both of his old players back, but thought he’d prefer a K30 being as that’s what he’d ordered. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why wouldn’t a flight case work? I don’t know how they work but…

As I mentioned way back in this thread, we appreciate the feedback.
And have a packaging project under way.
We have tried many possibilities regards packaging, with the obvious focus on protecting the product, however any form of protection that increases cost of shipping, which has increased 10 fold in the current economic climate must be seriously considered as we are very mindful of cost increases being passed on to the end user.

Honestly we would expect a dealer to communicate with us if the unit arrived there in less than pristine condition.
We have received no such feedback, so can only assume that some of these issues occur after the fact.

@MarkCole when you ship to a retailer/distributor such as Elite, you’ll be shipping in large numbers on a pallet. This in itself is probably the best form of protection. When the units are shipped individually the packaging is indeed significantly limited in protection.

Since receiving my CX from Elite I binned the outer box as it was beyond being used again. The inner box is just a cardboard wrap with little to no form. IF it ever needs sending out for service (fingers crossed never), I’d rather have a flight case made for it.


So, without original packaging does this dent the resale price ?
As the next owner may be suspicious of courier damage…