Ripping cds help pls

can anyone help with why i cant seem to rip a cd on an oladra. i plugged my apple usb superdrive in, the oladra finds it, but thats as far as i get. i cant actually insert a cd. drive works fine on a pc. if i click start/stop the ripper the drive activates but if i push a cd in it doesnt go in all the way.

I don’t think the Apple superdrive will work with the Oladra’s Linux software.

but it recognises it, i dont see anything in any of the support docs that says anything about needing a special type of cd drive - apples is just a standard usb cd drive so very surprised if its not supported.

anyone in antipodes there?

The Antipodes is waiting for the disc to be inserted, the software has no control over this

Google ‘does apple superdrive work with linux’

This tweak apparently works:

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thx but unfortunately thats double dutch to me, i have no idea how to do any of that to make it work (

The point was to explain why the superdrive is not working with the Oladra. You would not be able to carry out the code change.


The first sentence explains it perfectly: “I’m really surprised and disappointed that Apple prevents us from using their USB SuperDrive with non Apple devices.” That’s as far as I read.

This week the internal drive in my 2010 Mac Pro wasn’t ejecting so I went over to Amazon thinking I would need to buy an external drive. All kinds of affordable options. I didn’t end up buying one as I figured out how to get the drive to eject. Amazing the original drive has lasted this long.

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