Room Correction

Hello all. As per the title, I am interested to know if anyone uses room correction as part of their system, e.g. Dirac, REW, and how it is implemented - as convolution files in Roon, HQplayer, etc. Any experiences would be most welcome.

A few local friends and I have been intending to give this a go but it’s been delayed by both the weather and the pandemic.

The plan will be to use Audiolense to capture the room measurements and then use PGGB to apply the curves. This is not a real time solution, obviously, but once we dial this in we could then bring the curves over to HQPlayer or Roon.

I have done a good job treating my room, but the treatments haven’t completely flattened the response in the lower octaves. That’s the only area in which we will attempt to apply EQ as it’s too easy to do more harm when attempting to go further. So we will make no attempt at time/phase correction.

I only use one notch filter in Roon to suppress an annoying lateral resonance at 71 Hz. It makes the whole thing sound much better.
If I would have more of these minimum phase resonances, I would use more Roon filters. So: highly recommended.

I have some bass modes in 40Hz and 80Hz. I tried to reduce it by -3 dB with the parametric equalizer in HQplayer. But the sound got worse and I refrain

A while back, I measured my room at home, and used convolution files in Roon, just to see what it was all about.
Initially, I thought I liked it, but over time it was just boring, so have deleted them and just listen to my set-up with the speakers just plonked where I reckon they sound best.
Which really is the most telling measurement of all, your ears.
Just my findings :slight_smile:


I built two “ light weight” diaphragmatic bass absorbers. I put them where the sound pressure of the annoying 71 Hz is highest (under the ceiling at the back). The level increase is not entirely gone but it doesn’t ring anymore! All bass is clearer now, it sounds better than the Roon equalizer that I also disabled now. I can finally play Pat Metheny’s First Circle :grinning:
So I went for a better room in stead of electronically correcting the room.

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I have recently been using the new iPhone app called HouseCurve. In my case I used it to create Convolution filters for Roon’s DSP. It made a huge difference by reducing a room node around 45Hz and bringing more of the mid-range to life in the music. Its very easy to use, and no external mic is required.

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