Roon build - better or worse sound

I created this topic to discuss sound changes with different builds.

Build 1401 is an uptick in quality to my ears. More air and increased soundstage to previous build.

Remind me again which player software you have configured to play for Roon. At one time you were using HQPlayer integration.

A friend was over this weekend and for part of the session I used Roon with HQPlayer. I thought it sounded great - and so did my friend.

Hi Kenny,

At present I have my K30 configured as roon server only and roon player. I use this for local and streaming files to my mscaler but not pggb files.

For pggb I have squeeze server on a remote iMac and my EX as squeeze player to usb on the dac.

Roon has recently made changes to speed things? up and I hoped it might have improved sound quality.

I was wondering what others thought. BTW… roon/hqplayer is definitely comparable to squeeze to my ears.

excuse my ignorance but what is pggb?

and how do you think roon+HQP sounds compared to roon+squeeze?

I would love to give HQP a proper chance but can’t live with the playback delays (

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Some are more noticeable that others. I immediately noticed an improvement with build 1392. I don’t recall if I have 1401 yet.


I have 1401 but it ocurred while I was doing another tweak. The combined benefit was relatvely small. I might undo the tweak to gauge how much it contributes.

What is puzzling is that roon remote says I have server version 2.0 but the CX dashboard says its version 1.8!

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To clarify… Roon/Hqplayer as compared to squeeze/squeeze would be for playback of previously upsampled files such as pggb. Hqplayer would be configured for passthrough. Hqplayer vs mscaler is for another topic.

Getting off topic here but Ive been told that even without using HQ Player for upsampling, HQPlayer NAA sounds better than roon RAAT. And HQPlayer upsampling is superior to roon upsampling.

Thanks for clarifying. I will give it a listen and report back.


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