ROON core not START

after updating my Antipodes DS (D2) to AMSv3.13, the ROON core installed on A is no longer being detected and is being covered up.
is it possible to rollback to a later update version -AMSv3.12???..
this version worked smoothly.

Please help Sergey

Exit out of all Roon remotes and software, if on iOS force quit out of the remote.
Go to the server dashboard and restart Roon Server using the restart button.
Go to the remote, open, select core or click blue button to find core, select, deauthorise previous core if asked, continue with Roon setup

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I have done all this, but it does not solve the problem…

Can you share a screenshot of the Server Dashboard?

Apps were not installed during update, likely a timeout from the repository during upgrade.

I’ve had similar issues after updating, deleting Roon remote app from iPhone and iPad and then reinstalling from the App Store works for me. I have no idea why, this has happened with several updates.