Roon decides not to play music

Hey Guys,

Ok so whats causing this?

Roon plays fine then every so often (from 10 mins to a few hours) Roon doesnt play. the Play bar just moved from right to left as if thinking or searching.

To resolve this I have to either reset the EX or CX

Its getting a bit tedious now tbh. Any ideas?


There is a Roon update today Build 970, which may or may not assist.

Changes for Build 970:

  • Resolved a possible memory leak appearing during audio analysis
  • Resolved a possible memory leak in the connection management mechanism
  • Resolved an issue of remote slowdown after a certain period of time that could end up with a UI freeze
  • Resolved a crash resulting from clicking on a mapped genre name on album details
  • Resolved a crash that might occur in an attempt to open the Settings page
  • Resolved an issue where TIDAL / Qobuz playlist could end up with an inactive play button
  • Resolved an issue where Roon wouldn’t return search results on certain Windows machines
  • Additional bugfixes and stability improvements

Check your network and ethernet cables also

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting back to me

No that makes no difference.

I had to reset about 4 times past night.

It can happen mid album also when it moves on to the next track. This can also happen when I want to move it to another track.

I have found that selecting a different album can make it work again.

I also know when it “seems to be running out of ram” (for want of a better description) when some album covers go blank. Resetting resolves this.

It’s all very frustrating


Hi Bill, please make an appointment for remote support here