Roon / HQPlayer integration update

On Feb 28 Roon will require “ Or HQPlayer Embedded 4.29.3 or newer” to use the updated HQPlayer API integration. Will Antipodes update us before then? I see embedded 4.30.0 is released with new filters.

Roon Labs has announced that, as of Monday 28 February, customers using HQPlayer as the Player app for Roon Server, will need to upgrade HQPlayer Server Embedded to 4.29.3 or later.

We are currently testing HQPlayer Server Embedded 4.30 and HQPlayer NAA 4.1.3, on our latest AMS suite, to address this change in Roon Server.

From some of the chat we see on the internet, and receive from customers, it seems we need to explain why do we do this testing.

Antipodes music servers are a fully integrated suite of applications that simplifies the setup and update of software and optimises the performance of each application that our customers use. It is therefore possible for a new version of a single third party application to break the complete suite or negatively impact sound quality. This could easily negatively affect thousands of our customers around the world overnight.

For this reason, we do not make third party updates available without full testing. In some cases we have a close partner relationship with third party application vendors, and this enables us to test their software before they release it, but this does not apply to all third party vendors.

It is worth adding that we are currently working on platform changes that will enable us to flow third party application updates through to you with much less delay than we can now, and you can expect to see this materialise later in 2022.

When we have finished the testing of HQPlayer Server Embedded 4.30 and HQPlayer NAA 4.1.3, and addressed any integration and sound quality impacts, we will make them available to you for update in the usual way, and this page will be updated. At this stage we see no reasons why this cannot be completed prior to 28 February.


Hi Mark,

Will there be a hqplayer 4.30.3 update. Jussi has released it to cure the authorization bug and a couple other fixes.

Yes, requires testing…again :frowning:

So how exactly does this new roon update benefit hqplayer integration?

I didnt see any issues with it, but I guess there must be

I wasn’t having any issues but some users were experiencing songs being cut off and various click sounds. Roon forums talked of upgrades to how song play position was reported.

Brian LuczkiewiczRoon Labs: CTO

Here are the reasons:

There are quality issues with our current integration that cannot be addressed in the context of 3.x, because Signalyst does not plan to back-port the bits required to fix them to the 3.x API.

There are deep enough changes involved in moving to v4 API and addressing these issues that it is impractical for us to support both side-by-side. This would also put us in a position of supporting configurations that we know are broken, which is the whole thing we are trying to fix by doing work on our HQPlayer support.

We are not going to be supporting earlier versions of HQPlayer 4.x for the same reason–they have known issues that make the experience of using the integration less smooth, and we cannot be in a position of supporting broken integrations.

Hi Mark,

Can you give a time frame for when we will get an upgrade to HQPlayer? As you know there is a bug in 4.30 that requires a reboot whenever a config change is made. There have been several updates since and the issue was fixed by Jussi.

Testing is completed, awaiting dev team to finalise deployment

Hi, all.
I have previously commented on this forum and others about how reliable my K50 is. Hardly ever had to reboot it.
But for the last week or maybe a little longer, I’ve had to power cycle it EVERYDAY to get it to work. Has something changed? Am I doing something wrong?
FWIW, I run Roon Server and HQPlayer as player.

Do you have an HQPlayer licence?

Yes, I do have a license, Windy.
There is no trouble with the 30’ limit.
Also, the Player fails to show up under “MyAntipodes”, rather than just not working- I need to power cycle the whole unit then restart HQPlayer each day.
Once I reboot, it runs for hours - something seems to happen overnight?