Roon Price Rise

just cancelled it. :frowning:

I have been weaning myself off Roon for the last month or so after exploring the view that things sound better without it. When I first tried Squeeze/Squeeze it sounded a bit too strained and forced for my liking. However, after adding an Audiolab DC blocker to my amp things opened up and when I switched to Squeeze, it started to show signs that it is indeed the better sounding option.

Another area I tweaked was to add an old RA mains cable I had to the M scalers supply; this made a notable difference so I also plugged the M scaler into the Niagara 1200 (which I couldn’t do previously as it polluted everything else plugged in). With the RA cable and the Niagara in play there was a staggering transformation. I won’t derail this thread with the details but happy to expand elsewhere if any one is interested.

The point then of this post is that having reached a new level of SQ with Squeeze the weaning process started and a month later I am pretty much over it and almost certainly won’t be renewing.

Of course the UI is no where near as slick and I am now using the Qobuz app for discovery but the SQ is the most important factor for me.

Before my subscription expires no doubt I will check again whether Roon can compete in the SQ stakes so never say never…