Roon remote cannot connect to CX after update to 1353 production

Can find in myantipodes under chrome but cannot connect after pressing the ‘manage’ button. The web page ( is blank and the progress bar not showing. Restarted router, switch and CX multiple times but the phenomenon persists. Try connecting from Windows, same result. Any insight?

Looks like you have both CX and EX set up as Roon Server.
When you go here Setup Your Antipodes - Antipodes Products On Your Network
and select the EX to manage what happens?
I would book a remote session here Antipodes Audio Support Booking Form

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I can connect the cx as roon server but the ex still appears as another roon server that I can choose. Is there any method to reset the ex to sole player mode?

The EX has CX set as server, it should not be showing as a server in Roon, book a remote support session.

Thanks for your help.
I’ll book a session after the Xmas holiday. Merry Christmas.