ROON restarting

K-50 with latest version of ROON core using Squeeze as the player.

For the last week or so (~last two ROON updates) ROON goes away and comes back automatically on my iPad or iPhone running ROON remotes. It doesn’t seem to be a complete core restart as the library doesn’t reload and the music never stops.

I don’t know if this is a ROON Core, Remote or a K-50 issue or even a Roon/ Squeeze interface issue.

Most times I open the roon app on my ipad or phone it restarts. It is very quick and I have learned to live with it. It is annoying though.

I have seen restarts while using ROON remote on my iPad. Sometimes when I am performing searches using focus but that might be coincidence.

I suppose, since the music continues to play, the restart is simply of ROON remote.

S30/S60 combo here with Roon as player and server.
Same issue on the 2 iPads I’ve used as Roon remotes.
It has been a minor pain since I first started using Roon.
I just put it down to momentary wifi signal strength dips during high neighbourhood usage.
It really only irks me when I’m half way through an artist bio or am in that rabbit hole where one artist links to another, to another.

Saw this on the ROON support page. I have followed their instructions and will report back on the behavior of my system over the next few days.

“Thank you for reaching out to let us know about the issue. As @jamie mentioned, tech support has been investigating the issue and the Roon team is working diligently on a systemic solution.

In the meantime, we’ve adjusted a setting on your Core machines which may improve this behavior as a temporary workaround. Please take the following steps to activate the changes for your setups:

  1. Restart both Roon and RoonServer on your Core machine twice.
  2. Restart the Mac Remote with the error
  3. Also restart any additional Remote devices (even non-Apple devices) to avoid glitches

Please note: you must fully restart your Core machine two times in order to implement the account change. The first restart downloads the settings change from Roon’s servers. The second restart applies the settings change to your device.”

My system did not reset or lose contact with the ROON remote once today with 6 hours of use.

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Thanks @crwilli so much for finding that Roon support info.

The update before last week’s update (?943) seemed to cause maddening restarts, and after trying the usual network checks and restarts, I eventually reinstalled Roon on my K50, which was really annoying, as my Roon backup process takes a long time.

That seemed to give greater stability, but the process described above, of the two restarts and restarting remote devices has led to rock solid stability; thank you.

I should add, that I did try going back to Squeezelite, but found I much preferred how Roon update (?943) was superior for me, which I was not expecting.

So, now, all is good with Roon, and sounding great, albeit with Squeeze Player…

Roon support has a reputation, I was waiting months, I got this

"He yMartin,

There’s no good reason to take this long to reply to your email. Please, accept our most sincere apologies. We’re going through a transition in our internal team structure and, unfortunately, this has a significant impact on our response times. I’m sorry about the delay"

the other day. Actually gave up on Roon completely and just use squeeze now. I go way back when Roon was Sooloos for Meridian. I just listen to music, I don’t need to know the musicians bicep size…

I often wish Roon offered a ‘lite’ version, more like the old Sooloos, as I seldom make use of the additional info, disagree with many of the reviews, and don’t use Roon Radio.

Still, the current version is much easier for me to navigate than Squeeze, though I suppose I could come to live with that. Yet, in my system, I was really suprised that Roon was sounding ‘better’ …YMMV etc.

And now it seems to be stable!!!

Update. Now on Build 952 for a week or so. All my restarting issues are gone.