Roon Server Squeeze Player

I do not recall this being an issue prior, but in switching preset to Roon Server with Squeeze Player from a different preset, my K50 player is not shown detected in Roon Audio Zone though I have Squeezebox support button enabled as Yes in Roon Setup. Disabling and then immediately enabling this Roon Setup option does result in K50 player then being detected. It’s not a huge deal toggling this option button No and then to Yes again but seems peculiar that I need to do so. I am on current software version AMSv4.31. I am breaking in a new USB cable, and was switching between Squeeze, Roon, and Roon with Squeeze to evaluate early hours on this cable.

Yes, it has been a problem with Roon recognition for some time.
The toggle is the least painful option of recognition.
As an aside in the Squeeze Player menu in the Player tab of the Solution Dashboard is a new option for Squeeze Server recognition.
You can choose either Hostname or IPAddress, not saying that it will fix this particular issue, but maybe for the switch back may be useful to try IPAddress.

As always Mark, I appreciate your responses and suggestions.

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