S30 continuos operation. Much trouble to start it

Hello all together!

It is extremly difficult to start the S30.

First my Handy often demands to change airplay-functions - I tested all options - then I have switch off my iPhone 11, then often I have to wait many minutes, till the renderer accept commands.

Can somebody help???

How many Watt the S30 + S60 need in continuos function?
Is it harmful to use it in continuos function?

The S30 + S60 sounds very very good, but main thing is that it works solid.

Logitech don t work, so I have to use MPD Pilot and MConnect as apps.Are the apps part of my problems?

OK, Germany is developing country on digitalization.Me too…

Very frustrating! To much problems. It can t be a solution to use the CD-Player as a safer option.

I used an Innuos server a few years ago… no problems… but it sounded worse :-)…

I wish Antipodes would install much much more software for simplifying using the server.

At the end of the day I want to hear music, I spendend many many many many hours in starting and using the server, contacting my dealer 15 times. Are Antipodes Server just for technic and digital affins?

Best regards! Jürgen

Hi Jürgen,

I recommend booking a support appointment. This will help solve any issues particular to your setup/use case.