S30 + S20 + S60 vs K50 prior to purchase

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Will be driving 450km to my nearest dealer next weekend to demo S30 + S20 (I need spdif out for my dac hence S20) also like to try S60 with them. Dealer has an ex demo K50 that I am also interested in. My question is purely practical as sound is subjective and will need to demo. Downside of combi option is 3 units needing rack space and possibly interconnects.
Downside of K50 is price. Any comments particularly regarding interconnects as I know that upgrades here could make the price difference marginal.

I just wanted to give you a head-up on some observations I posted. I own a K30. This is apparently equal to S30+S40+S60. I have had a K50 on loan, so this may provide some insight on what you might expect.

I’m thinking maybe only one additional cable will be needed for the combo: a USB cable to use between S30 and S20. The S60 should include a pair of cables, so that’ll cover power to those two devices as well.

Both the K50 and the combo will require a power cord, spdif and an ethernet cable.

I have a fondness for Shunyata’s cables but of course every one has their personal preference. On the more affordable side, their new Venom-X series is generating a lot of buzz as these deliver a lot for the money.

Don’t let the price of cables put the K50 out of reach though. I consider it an endgame product. “Source first” is definitely the way to go so snag the K50 if you can. Cables can be upgraded later (for big gains).

Hello my first touch with Antipodes was an S30 + S60 connected via usb to my Merason DAC1. Then I got the K30 for testing also connected via usb….than luckily i had the chance to get a K50 latest version rarely used from a customer who just owned a Oladra.
This connected via AES3 to the same DAC. That sounds fantastic an in my point of view it’s a big step ahead to the K30.
Even my wife, she don’t know anything about the system could hear this big step…maybe the reclocker makes this difference and not to forget the better power supply with three HSL80.
In my opinion, if it’s in your budget, take the K50 and you will get a final solution for years…I am curious how you will decide…please let us know…
I forgot something, for the same specs K50 has you need also the S40 and a second S60 and of course cables…

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Hi I have decided on the ex demo K50. I will pick up next weekend. As you say to get the benefits of K50 I would need s40 and second s60. 5 boxes in all, plus interconnects plus racking and higher price than ex demo. A no brained really.