S30/S40/s60 connections

New to group and new owner of s30/s40/s60
How do i connect these components up for best sound
Also i have a streamer with ethernet input and a dac with usb input
Currently i stream to the streamer via ethernet and connect the streamer and dac via i2s connection
Do i need the streamer anymore?
Thanks in advance


The Antipodes combo replaces everything you have except the DAC

Connect the S40 to the internet using the NETWORK ethernet port on the rear of the S40, connect the S30 to the DIRECT STREAM ethernet connection on the S40
Connect the S30 to your DAC via USB
Use the S60 to power both units
Use SETUP from our website to manage the S30 and S40, all operation is managed from the PLAYER S30.

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Thanks very much Mark
Incidently does the Antipodes android app work with these as it does not find any devices on my network?

Hi there, yes it does.
We are undertaking myantipodes maintenance to rectify the issue of certain networks not displaying devices.

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Ah okay thanks
All works in myantipodes website

Okay swapping to K22 now
Which digital output sounds best?