S30 USB connector loose

After working well for months, S30 has not been connecting to the DAC via USB.
(only output choice being Analog Audio, which works.)

After many restarts, trying different DACs and cables, I finally found one cable that connected.
However I want to get my better usb cables (Kimber Silver (Ag) and Kimber Copper (Cu)) to work again.

The USB connector socket on/in the S30 is very, very loose (not securely holding the USB cable). I have tried connecting the USB cable at various angles and tensioning in case its not making connection with the terminals but this didnt help with making it play.
I finally found one cable (Wireworld) a bit tighter which works, but the others just want to slide out.

So my question - how can I bend/tweak the shape of either the S30 socket, (or USB plug) to make a more secure connection and better connection to the terminals?

where are you located?

Im in Auckland…
(all full stops trying to meet 20 character requirement for reply lol)

OK, send it to me to fix

Thanks. Will find packaging etc. Which courier co. do you recommend?

Can I leave out the SSD?

Yes on SSD, I have sent an email