S40 or S20 as best upgrade for S30/S60?

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Continuing the discussion from K30 + S20 + S60:

Hope this is an appropriate place to post a related question: which S module to add after my S30 & 60?
I have budget & space (& power from my S60) to add either a S40 (as Server-only), or a S20 Reclocker, but not both. What are the relative sonic upgrades from a S30 as Player & Server/S20 Reclocker/S60 PSU vs S30 Player-only/S40 Server-only/S60 PSU?
I’m running Roon, and only have a small (sub 600 album) digital music collection that won’t grow by orders of magnitude (so is a S40 overkill?). DAC is PS Audio DSD, Amps are Naim NAC 282/NAP 200 & Dual TeddyCap PSU, Speakers are KEF Reference 1 Meta.
Thanks for advice.

S40, separation of Server+Player :slight_smile: IMHO

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That was quick. Thanks Mark. Your HO good enough for me…

It’s interesting to see another 282/200/dual cap user on this forum (although my cap is a CHC). I haven’t heard the S20 (yet), but can vouch for the improvements adding the S40 to your S30/S60

Thanks for the positive encouragement. I’m intrigued. I’ll arrange a demo with my local dealer of S30/40/60 when the time comes. Likely to be required to convince the Chief Financial Operator in any case…