S60 dc cables included? are there better dc cables?

I might eventually order a S60 for a S30. Does S60 come with (2) dc cables included? If so what length?

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Hi there , YES, 2x cables included, both 50cm in length

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I just purchased a S30, it’s amazing.

Currently listening to S30 with a Farad super 3 LPS and a short Gotham GAC-4/1 11301 DC cable. That already gives a very nice improvement compared to the standard smps.

I am already getting ready to add a s60 and it was not clear to me if I needed to order DC cables. Now i know I don’t, I wonder…

50 cm seems quite long for a DC cable when components are stacked. Do these cables have any shielding or other features as not to compromise the electrical signal? I think I read somewhere here that Antipodes is not into cables, I understand, but maybe there is some precaution taken in choosing included cables since Antipodes does pay great attention to sound quality in every detail.

Any advice to preserve the good sound through (DC) connections of S20/30/40/60 is appreciated. Any forum member maybe?

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The best DC cable I’ve tried is the one that follows. One must be patient with it as it needs a few weeks to disappear, but once it passes that point it’s very musical, fast and dynamic. I bet it would compliment the S series servers well. They do allow you to choose the Farad’s connector and don’t miss the he discount code on their main page.

I don’t think 50 cm is too long with a really DC good cable. I wouldn’t go any longer than that though.

I have tried a Gotham DC cable but it was purchased from Ghent and specially shielded. It’s an excellent cable but I’m not sure it’s in the same league as the one that follows.

I’ve owned a few Farad power supplies and think they are a bargain for the price. Great company too.


Exactly the information I am looking for.
If I understand well you compared the standard Antipodes DC vs. Gotham jssg 360 vs. the AS statement se or the AS signature silver dc cable?
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Sorry I never had the Antipodes DC cable. I wonder if it’s a generic cable or something custom-built.

I didn’t do a straight-up comparison with the Gotham JSSG vs AS Signature because my Gotham doesn’t have the Farad-compatible connector. I still have my Gotham JSSG and have used it in serval different ways as my system has evolved. It was always a nice step up from a generic cable.

The AS Signature was a significant step up from the Farad Level 2 copper. I had never heard a DC cable bring such an improvement. And the Farad Level 2 copper is no slouch. It brought a nice improvement that was easy to hear over the free DC cable that Farad ships. I am now using the Level 2 copper with the Farad powering my EtherRegen. The AS Signature was used between a Farad and a Chord TT2 but I sold all that stuff last year.

Thanks Kennyb123, that is a great and clear answer.

I assumed you had a combination of s30/40 and s60. But I think you own K30 with the advantage of the Antipodes hybrid power-supply(s?) that I am extremely curious about.

In the meantime I found a picture on 6moons review (referred here by Antipodes ) of s30/s60 showing a dc cable with two oyaide connectors and canare 4s8 4 x 16awg Star Quad. Maybe that’s included with s60?

I am tempted to try s60. Already with any dc cable that should be an improvement over Farad s3 with very good dc cable.

I will definitely keep audio sensibility in mind as you suggested, specially the silver dc.

Yup I have the K30 and I absolutely love it.

Good find. That’s roughly equivalent to what Uptone ships with their JS-2, which was a pretty good cable. Even so, I’d bet that the AS Signature would be a nice improvement.

The S60 would likely bring out more of the strengths Antipodes is known for and it would get you a step closer to the K30. But whether the S60s price is justified over the price of the Super3 is an open question. You’d have to demo one to know for sure.

And of course a better power cord will improve the performance of both these power supplies. I was frankly surprised by how much improvement came from a Shunyata Delta v2 over their older Alpha HC on my K30. The Super3 that powered my TT2 also responded really well to the Delta v2.

hi, I have the S60 / S40 combo .
I use the standard dc cables as supplied which power my server and Mytek dac .
One Thing I do agree about is power cords .
I use an ASR magic cord ( without filter ) and it definitely made a difference .

Thanks. Any particular change you noticed regarding Mytac DAC (DAC or DAC+?) when connected with s60? If so what dc power did the Mytek DAC have before?
Since the s60 has two outputs (not two rails is my understanding) I consider its price almost reasonable if you can connect two devices. I wonder how non-Antipodes devices benefit from s60 and if a DAC can have a similar benefit of noticeable quality and speed (due to hybrid lps). Of course IF you can distinguish this in your setup.

I took note of the AC cord, I forgot to mention I used a better Furutech or DH labs cord with my Farad S3.

Exactly, S60 is almost 3x the price of Farad s3, so Ideally i would use both 12v connections (plus they seem shared, not separate rails).

If S60 wasn’t a hybrid ps, I would not even consider it due to its price. There are many, many more to consider. But I do not have the time and courage like Jay @ audiobacon, to compare them in something like worlds largest linear power sUpply test AND my s30.

In reviews and according to Antipodes it’s the speed that makes the difference, and that can be worth it.

It seems the s60 has a single hsl50?

As far as I know S60 can only be compared to the hybrid PS Ferrum Hypsos at a little more than 1/2 the price but FH has only one BUT variable output.

Anyone here has compared maybe?

That’s quite a cord. Probably it’s price justified for the K30, but not so much the Farad ;-), great you tried though.

Hi , I’ve always used the dac+ with the S60 .
I had a Fidelizer before but I kept thinking how would the dedicated s60 power supply sound ? And I think that’s the problem I had with substitutes.