Search stuck in material skin

Hello, using Squeeze server + SqueezeLite player. Since a few weeks I seem unable to run a search in the material skin mode (as seen below the app gets stuck in search mode without any results). It works fine on iPeng

Any ideas?

I usually search within the Qobuz plugin, but I tried this and it’s the same for me, just sticks in search mode.

Thanks - I do the same now. But this was working a couple of months back. The annoying thing is that I cannot search my own albums by keywords anymore.

Can you advise what browser you are using please.

Hi Mark, I have the same behavior on: iPhone (OS), Chrome and Safari (on Mac). Albeit not 100% sure I am fairly confident this started after a software upgrade.

Search works OK on either iPeng or “classic” skin

Hi there, indeed search is broken in Squeeze, we are pointing our developer at the issue

Thanks Mark. I am now sure it will be soon fixed! Keep us posted

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Search is only possible from the Basic “My Music screen”