Server Software Recommendation for K40

It has been a couple of months since I began using the SATA SSD PM893 in my server-only K40. I have never looked back. It was a definite sonic change for the better. My comments are posted in the “SSD recommendation for new K models” topic.

I have found that one cannot discuss SSD without also taking into consideration server software. There is definite synergy between the two. My K40 sonic experience got even better when I moved from MinimServer to Squeeze server.

In my particular system, I would describe the Squeeze sound as more sophisticated, more analogue-like with an overall better balanced dynamic range, and a soundstage that has more depth to “hear into the sound”. This is particularly noticeable with vocals.

Compared to GUI functionality of MinimServer, I have found Squeeze to be quirky with its display of album art at low resolution, and I can’t get it to interface with the search function on my Linn app.

However, I am willing to trade these functionality issues for better sonics offered by Squeeze. And perhaps I will be able to figure out if there are settings as-yet-undiscovered that I will be able to use to remedy the functionality shortcomings.

I do note that MinimServer has an updated v2.1 that is not yet available as part of Antipodes’ software suite. Should that become available to us as part of an Antipodes update, it will be interesting to hear whether v2.1 offers sonic advantage.

Bottom line is this. My K40 has never sounded better. With my system, the choice of SSD and choice of server software have both made sonic differences. I think we are all continuing to learn as we go, and the adage “everything matters” has proven itself correct once again.

This is how I hear it too.

I have selective OCD. Album art is one thing that can trigger it. In my case with Squeeze, I have only seen it display the art embedded in my music or no art at all. Low quality art might be something your control app is substituting instead of leaving it blank. I can’t stand that some of them do that.

The best way I have found to get my preferred art to be displayed is to have the art saved as folder.jpg in the same folder as the music while not having it embedded in the tracks themselves. That’s only a last resort though. Most times Squeeze can use the embedded art.

I still make occasional use of Roon, but only for music discovery. If the music isn’t familiar to me the loss of fidelity isn’t as easy to spot.

I really wish that there was a serious effort to create an awesome library management application for Squeeze. I think that may be what Innuos attempted with their Sense app, but I’m not sure how successful they were.

@kennyb123 Thank you for your replies. Regarding album art, I have it embedded in each FLAC music file, plus a separate folder.jpg file for each album. Resolution is generally at 600x600 for both embedded and folder.jpg.

When I use Squeeze and check on properties while playing a particular track, resolution is claimed to be 300x300. I have tried various settings in Squeeze to try to improve album art resolution but, so far, no success.

Interestingly, when MinimServer is in use, the same music files/albums display very sharp looking album art. I ran into this same low resolution album art issue when I was experimenting with the miniDLNA server app.

I’m not seeing that. The image that’s displayed for Abbey Road is actually 600x600. I should confess that I use a workaround that allows me to go back to the standard Material browser. Maybe that’s why I’m not encountering this.

Remove a plugin from Squeeze server and after saving you should find a slightly different interface after refreshing your browser. Does this show you larger art sizes?

@kennyb123 Since I am new to Squeeze, can you please expound on “Remove a plugin from Squeeze server and after saving you should find a slightly different interface after refreshing your browser”. I am not quite sure what plugin you may be referring to and where I might find it within Squeeze settings. Thank you in advance.

Going from memory …

  • Under Setup for Squeeze select Library.
  • From the dropdown at the top, select Plugins.
  • The list of installed plugins will be displayed. Uncheck one that you don’t care to use. You can always return to reenable it. I don’t use Tidal so this is one I uncheck.
  • Click save and you should see a message about restarting Squeeze server. Agree to restart it.
  • Wait a minute, the refresh your browser.

You should end up seeing the standard Material skin. Black text on a white background.

It’s only temporary as it will revert to blue on white next time Squeeze is restarted. But you can check to see if this solves your artwork issue.

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@kennyb123 Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately nothing changed. It is apparent that for some reason, Squeeze is resizing the album art. As previously noted, if I switch back to MinimServer, album art is very sharp. Because of that, it would seem to rule out my Linn control app as being responsible. Besides, there is nothing in Linn app settings for album art resolution. I may just have to live with Squeeze fuzzy cover art in exchange for better sonics. I have gone through the entire menu of Squeeze settings looking for a setting that may be causing resizing but, so far, I am unable to get it sorted. Thank you again, kennyb123.

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