Server to run Only Roon Core

Your orientation will be appreciated.

If I am already happy with a very high end player and audio system (MBL), and all I need is to run Roon Core, connected through Ethernet to my network, what product is the best fit for price and performance?

Currently Roon core running on o Roon Rock, NUC 10.
Noticed the NUC is noisy (decreasing sound quality), injecting noise to my network.


  • Only run Roon Core
  • No up-sampling
  • Only two Roon end points
  • Very little to no DSP (little equalizing, maybe)
  • Squeezlite desirable but not a must
  • No need for HQ player, etc.
  • Would like to run it headless, although a monitor can be used for initial setup

Suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

Hi there the first place to start is the Antipodes K41.
Will act as Roon core.
For Squeezelite, you require a PLAYER, what is the model of MBL you have?