Servers CX+EX vs. K30?

Friends, does it make sense to change CX+EX to K30? Will there be an improvement?

In theory K30 should be 10-20% (in rough/general numbers) better than Oladra upgraded CX+EX.

But for those that are prepared to experiment, the 2 separate units provides opportunity to try different arrangements connecting to the network. For instance, a good isolator in the connection between CX and EX might be preferable. Or connecting both CX and EX to a fantastic switch may be even better.

what is a fantastic switch ? Please name the model?!

I am afraid they all probably sound different, so there is no one answer. I was using EX as server and Devialeyt as endpoint and inserting a Gigafoil or Ether Regen between the EX direct out and the Devialet provided improvement. I know people connecting their CX and EX solution into Renolabs rather than using the direct out.

But first you really should ensure your network up to your hifi is isolated, such as router > fibre > hifi switch. After that Ether Regen would be a good starting point by using fibre in the Side A, connecting Side A to CX and Side B to EX. Then add an external clock to the Ether Regen.

Go K50, there will most certainly be improvement :slight_smile:

There is no money, there is no K50 :slight_smile:

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He is asking about K30.

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He’s telling him it would be a sideways move.

Not sure he’s saying that, but I hope @MarkCole can clarify. I believe he has previously said that S30+S40+S60 is a step up from EX+CX. The OLADRA upgrade brings the EX+CX closer, but it seemed to me that the S series still had the advantage. The K30 is simply the S30+S40+S60 all within the same physical enclosure. Logic would suggest that the K30 should bring an upgrade over EX+CX.

The question was already answered by dbsstin prior to my post
My comment was a cheeky one, and an obvious fail on humour.

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Well … from what I understand Go K50, there will most certainly be improvement :slight_smile: is true … and yes, cheeky too coming from the company’s head of service, sales and marketing. I think it would have been an obvious joke if you said OLADRA instead of K50.

I will cheekily say that keeping CX+EX, add some TLC to the connection between them, and add a reclocker/format convertor like Innuos after EX could be good value considering the cost of changeover due to selling CX and EX.

But this topic does make me wonder, what is special about the ethernet connection between the server and player in the K series?

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From all of the above, I conclude that while CX+EX occupies a confident position and has no analogues in its price category yet.

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That is a good question.

@MarkCole, can you provide insights??