Setting up Qobuz in Squeeze

I’m wanting to try out Qobuz, playing through Squeeze server and player, so made a Qobuz account. When selecting Qobuz as the music source in Squeeze, I get the following message ‘Please enter Qobuz username and password in Server Settings/Advanced/Qobuz.’ That sounds simple enough, but I cannot find these folders in Squeeze (or anything similar). Perhaps I’m just not looking in the obvious place?

In the Squeeze settings menu, their is also a button called ‘Qobuz Setup’, but selecting that button does nothing (same with the matching Tidal button).

Any tips would be appreciated. (I posted the same query on the Qobuz forum, but had feedback suggesting I use this one instead).

If you have the Qobuz plug-in enabled, there will be a Qobuz settings page.

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Thanks Kenny. The assistance you give on this forum is awesome.
I’m still a bit lost on this one though. Where do I find that page? (I have a suspicion it will be somewhere obvious, and I will feel a bit silly, but I can live with that).
Your screen-capture looks like the Material/Squeeze page but I still haven’t found it.
I also looked in without success (Qobuz does not seem to get a mention in their App Gallery).

Yes it’s Material/Squeeze. I believe you get there from Library under settings. Then pick the dropdown and choose Qobuz.

My library button under settings does not bring up anything. Nothing happens when I click it. (same with Tidal Setup and Qobuz Setup buttons, even though Tidal is still working fine). I can touch base with Mark, but he may be on a much-deserved easter break at the moment.

Restart Squeeze from the Server dashboard and see if that helps. The Qobuz Setup option should take you to the right page.

A good thought thanks Kenny, but still the same.

try another browser? or clear your browser cache?

More good ideas, but no joy with Qobuz yet. I have of course restarted everything as well (a few times).

If you click on the Qobuz Setup, and it doesnt take you to a log-in page, try a couple of thing, clear browser cache, restart browser, re-start Squeeze Server in the Server tab of the Dashboard, if that doesnt help, make an appointment for remote accesss.


Thanks again for sorting it out for me remotely Mark. I would be a bit lost without the great support you provide.

Thanks @kennyb123 as well for all your good suggestions. It did appear to be a bit more involved for Mark to get it going in this case.

Just in time for the weekend, and with a lousy forecast predicted to save me from all those outside jobs. Perfect.