Setup the I2S to Ayon 35 HF II


Before purchasing my K50 i had the Rose Hifi streamer and I bought a custom RJ45 I2S cable with the following wiring:

Can I use the K50 dip switch to match the same wiring as the Rose ?


Appreciate your guidance. Really keen to use the I2S cable I have.

Please check this thread out, it shows the correct cable configuration for RJ45 I2S from Antipodes to Ayon.
The dip switches are only used for HDMI I2S.

Thanks, did not know that the dip switches only used for the HDMI.

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@Roymor I’ve actually switched to a different DAC from a CD35 recently and have a custom made Tubulus Concentrus I2S cable if you want to try it? I had it made to connect my K50 and CD35 signature.